“Zachary spoke at the opening ceremony for the Saturday Program, a student-run initiative that matches undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with over 100 inner city youth for one-on-one tutoring. He delivered a powerful speech about the importance of mentorship and how to identify those we can look to for guidance. His message resonated with our attendees, students and tutors alike; allowing them to recognize the importance of seeking help from those who are more experienced and willing to share their wisdom. His speech set the stage for our program this year and provided an excellent framework by which our students can approach their roles. We are very grateful to have had him speak and would certainly look forward to having him speak again in future years.”

The Saturday Program 2016-2017 Co-directors
Hisham, Sarah, Serena, and Tarek


I believe that public speaking should be relevant and powerful. Each of my talks combines personal experience, pop culture, the humanities, and science with the goal of reaching an undeniable conclusion. Every single one of my talks is tailor-made for that audience & given one time only.

My goal is to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience by using a combination of workshop-style activities, folklore, anecdotes, and memorable takeaways. So far, everyone walks away having learned something new and valuable.

Note: I am not currently doing keynotes or workshops, however expect to resume in 2022. Please email me at zachary (at) zacharystrong (dot) net if you have an event you’d like me to consider!

Past talks:
  • “Beautiful You” – 2020 Lancer Leadership Conference (Windsor University)
  • “How to Have Fun in University” – 2019 Interhall Council Winter Leadership Conference (Guelph University)
  • “Trading Up” – 2019 Lancer Leadership Conference (Windsor University)
  • “In It To Win It” – 2018 Elite Seat Workshop (McMaster University)
  • “Three Unique Learning Outcomes” – 2018 Engineering & Management Alumni Night (McMaster University)
  • “The Leadership Toolkit” – 2018 Canadian Conference on Student Leadership (University of Toronto)
  • “Mentors, Change, Stories, and You” – 2017 UofTMeds’ Saturday Program (University of Toronto Medical School)
  • “Building a Better Future Together” – 2016 Model UN Regional Conference (Hamilton, ON)
  • “Three Useless Things Adults Say” – 2015 TEDxYouth@Jamesville (Hamilton, ON)
  • “Viva La Resistance” – 2014 Canadian Conference on Student Leadership (McMaster University)
  • Rotary District 7090 (Various)
  • McMaster University (Various)