In the still of night,
   And in the moments between dawn and morning,

Do you feel a longing?
   A desire for grounding, for peace?

Lost children of Israel,
   Will this feeling be satisfied by nostalgia?

Will it be satisfied by an audience?
   Will it be satisfied by a movement?

Shall you sow your garden with false seeds,
   With works of someone else’s hands that you do not understand?

Do you know how electricity flows through the wire,
   Or how sunlight filters through the panel?

Do you know how screens work?
   Do you know how engines work?

Do you know how buildings stand?
   Do you know how sewers flow?

Speak, then, of what you do know:
   Surely you know how the works of man function!

Surely your teachers and elders have taught you how their world works:
   Transmission, induction, refraction, equation (and much more).

Surely your teachers and elders have discussed their world with you!
   Surely they have not forgotten their own ways so quickly.

Speak, now, to the Lord, of what you do know.
   What do you have to show for your time?

Lost children of Israel, with your education,
   Surely you know how the world works!

Shall you be distracted by the signs of the times?
   Many make proclamations about the voice of the people,

Of profits (not prophets), of gains and losses;
   They dance around their bronze bull, wary of its every move.

Shall you live this life, lost children of Israel?
   Shall you fatten yourselves on revenues and dividends?

Shall you crave favor in the eyes of others,
   Or shall you crave favor in the eyes of the Lord?