I have lots of experience
In various spheres
I must put it to use
I need money for beers

Over the last decade or so, Zachary worked with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in a variety of capacities and roles. Following a series of catastrophes in his life that left him with an invisible disability, he has stepped back from high-pressure leadership roles and instead works as a consultant and trainer.

Zachary adds value to organizations in the following ways:

  • An afternoon-length consulting session to brainstorm, strategize, and problem-solve
  • Multi-faceted consumer research that provides deep understanding
  • Working with marketing teams to help companies navigate social justice issues
  • Helping struggling Christian churches with making a turnaround
  • Designing custom leadership training programs for organizations

Some of Zachary’s key experiences include:

  • A director-level position with a tech startup in the colour industry: managed marketing, client care, some technical sales. Involved in product development, strategy, hiring. Developed proof-of-concepts for clients in TV/Film, agriculture, textiles. Doubled website traffic, secured key early-stage clients, lots of earned media.
  • A director-level position with a leadership development firm: managed marketing, some inside sales, and supported product and program development. Doubled website traffic, drove first digital sales in the history of the company, involved in the creation of a leadership skills assessment, became a coach.
  • Seven years of facilitation, study, and design of an experiential learning program for high-potential students at a Canadian university. Involved in selection, participant mentorship, organization, weekly evaluations, and program improvements.

Contact: zachary (at) zacharystrong (dot) net