My journey as a scholar began as an engineering undergraduate at McMaster University, and continued as a part-time research assistant at the DeGroote School of Business. After several years of studying a high-intensity experiential learning program, I decided to continue my research in an independent capacity.

In many ways, I have always been an independent scholar: I was a "little scientist" as a child, spent a great deal of time researching topics on the internet once our house got connected to AOL, and have always been learning about one niche topic or another. Although I very much enjoy learning as an activity, I am also mindful that my work should probably bear fruit someday.

If you are interested in my past (unpublished) research work in marketing education, please contact me – I'm happy to share! My focuses were in the facilitation of real-world case studies in the form of small business and corporate partnerships, the design of programs using such cases, and the role of meaning-making in the development of marketing insight.

Current Projects
  • "Exohuman Model": Building on Marshall McLuhan's conceptualization of media and tools as extensions of the human body and mind, I have developed a rough model that may be of use in the field of media ecology. I have presented some early thoughts on my blog, and plan to submit a paper to Explorations in Media Ecology and see what happens.
  • "Crowning the Sovereign Mind": Despite a great deal of sound and fury, educators at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels have all failed to reliably develop critical thinking skills. I have developed an "intellectual virtues" model with 96 areas of instruction and assessment spread across knowledges, values, abilities, and behaviours. I will be prototyping this model in October and plan to have a short book released by early 2022.
  • "A Single Perfect Sphere": In the early stages of the "culture war", the intellectual dark web made a great deal of fuss about the philosophical movement called Postmodernism. However, like it or not, we live in a "postmodern" age (link), which means we need to integrate our modernist notions with the "new paradigm" in order to be effective in the world. I'm trying to do more, however, by finding consilience between the different paradigms humans have held across time in the hopes of (roughly) deriving a coherent "human way". I plan to release a book on this topic in late 2022.
  • "Spirit": What if there was more common ground between Judaism, Christianity, and science than we realized? What implications might this have for faith, fellowship between diverse groups, and our way of life on this planet? I plan to release a book on this topic in 2023-2024, as it will require extensive research.
Current Research Interests

  • Development: The development of perspective, wisdom, and expertise across the lifespan
  • Development: Facilitating transformative learning in response to difficult challenges
  • Creativity: Supporting creative people in becoming more creative
  • Creativity: Helping organizations to harness the creativity of individuals and teams
  • Multi-Disciplinary: The phenomenology and utility of spiritual, mystical, and religious experiences
  • Multi-Disciplinary: Reconciling pre-modern, modern, and post-modern epistemologies
  • Multi-Disciplinary: The Holy Spirit