Digital 360

I will help you learn what your marketing data means, understand what works, and plan next steps.

This comprehensive package of services is ideal for small- or medium-sized businesses who recognize the importance of having a strong digital presence in today's marketplace but don't know where to start.

After an in-depth period of study that includes your digital marketing data, your competitors' web presences, and an industry analysis, I present you with a data-rich report, an easy-to-read executive summary, and concrete suggestions for next steps.


What I Study

1. Your Digital Presence
  • A review of your website's appearance, content, and user experience
  • A review of your website's analytics and use data
  • An SEO (keyword) analysis of your website to measure its performance in Google
  • A review of your social media channels, banner ads, and other digital efforts
2. Your Competitors' Digital Presence
  • A review of three competitors' websites and a comparison to yours
  • An SEO analysis of those websites to measure their performance in Google relative to yours
  • A review of those competitors' social media channels and a comparison to yours
3. An Industry Analysis
  • Keyword research to discover consumer search patterns and problem-solving behaviour
  • "Social listening" to discover consumer insights, hashtags, and buying behaviour based on social media activity

What You Get

1. Comprehensive Report
  • A detailed report with research findings and full explanations for reasoning
  • Raw data included in appendices
2. Executive Summary
  • Key insights from the full report in a slide deck format for easy consumption
  • Maximum 10-minute read time
  • Suitable for senior decision-makers and other stakeholders
3. Debrief Presentation
  • Two-hour walkthrough of the report, highlighting areas of interest and answering questions
4. Next Steps
  • Sample wireframes of new website pages to facilitate and expedite any necessary redesign
  • Mockups & samples of website copy, banner ads, and search ads to bring suggestions to life and spark conversation about possibilities
  • Suggestions for next steps: things to do, services to procure, hires to make, priorities to establish

  • Contact: zachary (at) zacharystrong (dot) net