Consumer Insight

I will help you develop a nuanced and actionable understanding of your customers.

Whether your organization is a startup trying to find product/market fit or an established company with a large customer base, it has never been more important to stay close to your consumer and understand who they are, how they think, and what they need.

I love doing customer research, and am available for any project large or small.

Contact: zachary (at) zacharystrong (dot) net

I have extensive experience conducting interviews in various contexts. Aside from my market research experience, I conducted dozens of hours of interviews as part of an academic research project, and helped a woman write her autobiography using an interview-based approach.
Focus Groups
Focus groups, although time- and resource-intensive, can be valuable sources of consumer insight. I am able to help plan and execute focus groups, as well as interpret the resulting data (which is often complex).
Surveys are one of the most widely-used market research tools and can be a great way to develop a first-hand understanding of a group of people. I help clients craft insightful questions and interpret the results.
Social Sensing
Social media is a firehose of information, most of it irrelevant. However, it can be a useful source of consumer information with some luck and discernment.
Secondary Research
I am a very fast reader, and often pore through academic journals, news articles, expert interviews, and so on in order to contextualize primary research findings.