Learning & Development

I work with organizations of all kinds and sizes to help them define their training needs, design in-house programs where possible, and find outside vendors where necessary. I can create and deliver soft skills training programs, as well as co-create RFPs and selection procedures.

Additionally, I am familiar with several different types of assessments and can help organizations incorporate them into their training, leadership development, and hiring procedures. I have personally designed two assessments so far: one for relationship skills, and one for career development. I am capable of administering the Subject-Object Interview developed at Harvard as well as the Washington University Sentence Completion Test.

Note: If you are interested in learning about your current "level" of vertical development, please contact me. I do assessments and debriefs for people at a very reasonable price compared to other solutions.

Highlights of Experience:
  • 2 years' experience in the executive coaching industry, developed knowledge of program design and delivery;
  • Helping to administer a transformative experiential learning program at the DeGroote School of Business (McMaster University) for six years;
  • Helping to revise and design a soft skills assessment used in multiple corporations of note;
  • The design and delivery of about one dozen keynotes and workshops at universities in southern Ontario;
  • Years of experience and research, particularly around coaching, experiential learning, and adult learning.
What makes me different?

First, I have an engineering physics education, which has given me some unique perspectives on complexity, systems, processes, and people. I find the "engineering challenge" of human development immensely interesting, and I enjoy designing training programs and assessments that are thoughtful, elegant, and exceed user requirements.

Second, one of my early career dreams was to be a game designer: I love board games, card games, roleplaying games, video games, alternate reality games, puzzles, and even LARPs. The range of experiences and situations made possible by even simple games can create profound learning experiences. Plus, games are more fun!

Third, I am an independent scholar who has a particular fascination with the development of perspective, wisdom, expertise, and creativity. All of these topics have workplace implications, especially when it comes to change leadership, innovation, strategic planning, and peak performance.

Fourth, part of my scholarship also includes the fields of vertical development, also known as ego development or spiral dynamics. I hail primarily from the schools of Jane Loevinger (the OG), Robert Kegan, Bill Torbert, and Susanne Cook-Greuter. I can assess employees and candidates for their level of vertical development, and also design and execute training programs that provoke development along this continuum.


I can be contacted at zachary (at) zacharystrong (dot) net.