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About You:
  • You are a student in search of better writing skills... and marks
  • You need to write for your job and want to improve
  • You have a high-stakes essay, thesis, or report that needs feedback
  • You have no experience writing and want to learn from scratch
  • You have a book/blog idea but don't know where to start
  • You want to get published in newspapers and/or magazines
About Me:

I have been writing professionally for over a decade, with several features in national publications and online magazines. I have authored three short books, contributed to several scripts, started multiple successful blog projects, and wrote marketing/sales copy in my day job for eight years. I have written everything from articles on religion, to high-stakes sales proposals, to a roleplaying game supplement, to whitepapers on best practices in employee development. I spend the majority of each day reading and writing, and put out 1500+ good words most days.

Aside from writing, teaching is also a passion of mine. I have taught at the postsecondary level in a faculty of engineering and a faculty of business, supervised an undergraduate thesis project, and spent the last ten years mentoring students. Not only can I write, I can teach what I know to others and have experience doing so.

How I can help you:
  • Help you perfect an essay, thesis, or project for school
  • Teach you how to write marketing/sales copy that works
  • Help you build skills, from the fundamentals to advanced rhetoric
  • Teach you how to write from scratch
  • Help you write academic or scientific literature

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