Gain clarity, purpose, and courage

In your lifetime, you will spend approximately 90,000 hours at work. This means that it is important to find something that you find personally enjoyable, meaningful, and profitable.

However, given the state of our current economy, this has become increasingly difficult for many people. Technology is making some jobs obsolete, the connected economy makes it easier than ever before for companies to outsource work, and education has become prohibitively expensive. Additionally, younger generations are changing roles and organizations every five years or less, making it extremely difficult to predict where you will be in the future.

In order to succeed in today's fluid job market, it is important to develop a career narrative. This is an ongoing story about your past, present, and future that helps you get clear on what you want to accomplish with your 90,000 hours... and what value you bring to employers.


In my work with clients, my first priority is to help them get clear on their values, their dreams, their strengths, and their opportunities. Establishing a career narrative typically takes one assessment and two coaching sessions.


Once a basic career narrative has been established, conversations progress to the far-flung future. What do you want to accomplish in this life? What would you like to leave behind? What is your Mission? All this, and more.


It may be a truism, but one of the reasons that people do not achieve their dreams is that they do not try in the first place. I am an instinctual opportunity-grabber, and in my work with clients I help them find ways to act boldly.

Why did I become a career coach?

I've had a kaleidoscopic career so far. I went to university for engineering physics, ended up in marketing, and then made a switch to the learning development field where I became a coach, began developing leadership assessments, and started seeing the power of a fully-actualized human being, both at home and in the workplace. A full list of my job experiences so far is at the bottom of this page, but rest assured I have navigated career changes several times! I know what it's like.

I have known many people who were very intelligent and capable, but never received the nourishment and support they needed to unlock their hidden talents and really shine. If this is you, I would love to chat for twenty minutes to see if I can be of service. I am passionate about working with talented people who can't find the "right fit" for their unique blend of skills and experiences, and helping them act boldly to realize their dreams.

My experience as a coach and recruiter provides me with a foundation to help clients meet the demands of the job market in a way that makes sense for them. I also have developed a unique assessment which I use at the beginning of every engagement to draw out clients' unique qualities.

I can be contacted at zachary (at) zacharystrong (dot) net.

$75 - Per Session
  • 1-hour phone/Zoom session
  • No long-term commitment
$1000 - Career Restart Package
  • Careers assessment & debrief
  • 5 additional coaching sessions
  • Email consults
  • Résumé / CV redesign
  • Advice on personal brand
Zachary has received training from...
  • The Co-Active Training Institute
  • Coaches Rising
Zachary's work experience includes...
  • Paper delivery boy
  • Grocery store cashier
  • McDonald's burger flipper
  • Nightclub doorman
  • Science camp instructor
  • Entrepreneurship camp instructor
  • Teaching Assistant - Engineering Design (McMaster)
  • Teaching Assistant - Applied Marketing Management (McMaster)
  • Marketing Associate - Canadian Tire
  • Inside Sales & Marketing - construction firm
  • Director of Business Development - tech startup
  • Digital Marketing Manager - marketing agency
  • Research Assistant - DeGroote School of Business (McMaster)
  • Director of Marketing - executive coaching firm
  • Career Coach - Goodwill
  • Recruiter - staffing agency