The Birthright Course

When we are young
Wandering the face of the Earth
Wondering what our dreams might be worth
Learning that we're only immortal
For a limited time
"Dreamline" - Rush

Birthright is a free YouTube-based course about the upper limits of human potential and achievement. It explores what we are truly capable of, both individually and collectively, and prepares students for the complex and difficult future we have ahead of us. Version 1 is targeted to launch in the fall of 2021.

Instead of most courses, which study one narrow topic in excruciating detail, Birthright draws from a kaleidoscope of disciplines to paint a comprehensive picture of the human experience from the birth of the species until today. You can expect to learn about the evolution of the species, the history of civilization (from a Western-centric perspective), what potential looks like and how to achieve it, and what the future might hold for us.

Course Outline

  • Lecture 1: Introduction & Overview
  • Lecture 2: Before Humans Existed
  • Lecture 3: Human Evolution, Neuroscience
  • Lecture 4: The Cognitive Revolution, The Beginnings of Culture
  • Lecture 5: Oral History, Stories, Early Cultures
  • Lecture 6: Agriculture, Writing, Early Civilizations
  • Lecture 7: Antiquity, Judeo-Christianity, Dark Ages
  • Lecture 8: Modernism, Enlightenment, Reformation
  • Lecture 9: Colonization, Industrialization, Birth of Education
  • Lecture 10: The Death of God
  • Lecture 11: Socialism, Fascism, War
  • Lecture 12: Postwar America, Postmodernism, Cosmopolitanism
  • Lecture 13: The 2000’s
  • Lecture 14: The 2010’s & 2020
  • Lecture 15: Potential, Achievement, Growth
  • Lecture 16: Resistance & Inefficiency
  • Lecture 17: Learning, Education, Expertise
  • Lecture 18: Creativity & Criticism
  • Lecture 19: Self-Actualization
  • Lecture 20: The Second Cognitive Revolution?
  • Lecture 21: Peak Experiences, Transcendent Values, Wisdom
  • Lecture 22: Healing Trauma, Finding Peace
  • Lecture 23: Defining & Achieving Success
  • Lecture 24: Living a “Good Life”
  • Lecture 25: A World of Flickering Images
  • Lecture 26: Understanding Systems
  • Lecture 27: Truth
  • Lecture 28: Futurism & Scenario Planning
  • Lecture 29: Assorted Trends & Meta-Trends
  • Lecture 30: Conclusion & Next Steps
  • Lecture 31 (Bonus Level): A Model of Human Experience
  • Lecture 32 (Bonus Level): Bioethics & Aesthetics
  • Lecture 33 (Bonus Level): The Kingdom of Heaven

Receive Updates & Give Early Feedback

As Birthright is still in development, your feedback would be valuable and appreciated! Help me shape the first version of the course to better align with your needs. 🙂

About The Creator


Zachary Strong is a 31-year old marketer, speaker, writer, coach, and educator from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He holds a B.Eng.Mgt in Engineering Physics & Management (Minor in Mathematics) from McMaster University. Between 2016-2019, he worked there as a research assistant studying experiential learning and student development.

In his professional life, Zachary works as a marketing consultant. He is also a keynote speaker who has spoken and facilitated at McMaster University, University of Toronto, Windsor University, and Guelph University. He also spoke at a TEDxYouth event in 2015. Zachary is a trained coach who has been mentoring, teaching, and coaching young people for over a decade.

Since 2012, Zachary has been learning voraciously about many topics, and the best of his findings are contained in this course. He hopes you'll give it a shot!