Zachary Strong is a writer, speaker, and marketing professional who is fascinated by human development and individual transformation. His thoughts on post-secondary education, public policy, entrepreneurship, and leadership have been featured in articles and interviews in The Globe and Mail, CBC Radio One, Metro News, Maclean’s, and The Hamilton Spectator.

Epiphany Coaches Inc. is a professional coaching firm that specializes in developing leadership potential, building better teams, and improving company culture. As the Director of Marketing & Content Development at Epiphany, Zachary is responsible for all outgoing communications, and also for working with Epiphany’s coaching team to develop workshop materials.

When he’s not busy in the Epiphany office, Zachary can be found at McMaster University, conducting research on leadership development and marketing education. He is an active volunteer in his community, both with his Rotary club and as a youth leadership speaker.