"To see the world, things dangerous to come to,
to see behind walls, to draw closer,
to find each other, and to feel.
That is the purpose of life."

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013 movie) -

Zachary Strong is a Canadian marketer, learning & development specialist, scholar, writer, and speaker. He is passionate about the welfare of children; the discovery, storage, organization, and transmission of knowledge; helping others reach their full potential; and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Zachary holds a B.Eng.Mgt (Engineering Physics & Management, Minor in Mathematics) from McMaster University, and has received coach training from the Co-Active Training Institute and Coaches Rising. As a child, he studied for several years at the Sandra Bald Jones Highland Dance Studio and at the Dundas Valley School of Art. His "village" includes a music producer, a rock star, several executive coaches, a number of expert marketers, many excellent teachers, and a few spiritual leaders.

Marketing: In his work as a marketing consultant, Zachary helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup founders understand their customers more deeply and align sales and marketing efforts to where they are most likely to bear good fruit.

Learning & Development: Zachary is not currently coaching clients, however he does work with organizations to design training and development programs that utilize cutting-edge industry "technology" and practices. He can also help design RFPs and selection processes for L&D vendors.

Selections & Assessment: Zachary has conducted interviews for a variety of different roles, both in professional and informal capacities. He has assisted in the development of a soft skills assessment used at a large corporation he cannot name. He specializes in selecting marketing talent, and is also an excellent screener for soft skills. Zachary is currently developing a prototype assessment for gifted youth and high-potential employees.

Scholarship: Zachary has a variety of research interests that range between the (social) sciences and the humanities. Currently, he is focusing on the intersection of education, psychology, language, history, religious studies, STEM, and philosophy.

Kingdom of Heaven: Zachary would classify himself as a Jesus-follower strongly considering Halakhah, although mainline Christians would classify him as a heretic. Despite this unfortunate quibble, Zachary happily works with churches and pastors to help them within his various capacities. He has been a peer mentor for Christian youth, a livestream coordinator for a church, a youth group member, and a social media volunteer. Zachary possesses some level of familiarity with Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant approaches to the faith, as well as some insight into Jewish approaches to the Old Testament.