Why are some people capable of making positive changes in their lives, while others are stuck making the same mistakes over and over again?

What is behind the human drive to improve and achieve? Why do some people actively seek to remain in situations that make them unhappy? How can we better support people as they build better lives for themselves?

I don’t own a TV, I don’t have Netflix, and I don’t play video games (although I will probably beat you at Mario Kart 64). My primary hobby is finding viable answers to fundamental questions of success and passing on what I uncover to anyone who will listen.

  • Marketing professional (and occasional consultant)
  • Coach-in-training (focusing on high-creativity individuals & HiPo’s)
  • Hobby scholar (development, communication, media, creativity)
  • Occasional leadership speaker (each talk is unique)
  • Member of Rotary International & the World Future Society
  • Student leader (key experience: McMaster’s redsuit scandal)
  • Tech startup employee
  • Irritating kid (suspended several times for poor conflict resolution)