I’m a goofy guy who’s doing my best to live an interesting and useful life on my own terms.

Business & Education

I am…

  • An accomplished marketing professional with experience in many different industries.
  • An experienced graphic designer, web designer, and copywriter.
  • Passionate about technology, architecture, and design (and optimistic about the future).
  • A McMaster University alumnus (Engineering Physics & Management, Minor in Mathematics).
Writing & Speaking

Things I know about:


My specific areas of interest are student leadership, extracurricular activities, and non-traditional learning methods in university settings.

Traditional teaching methods are unable to transfer the skills required in modern workplaces. I research and propose alternatives.

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I have considerable experience in strategy, branding, graphic design, web design, and digital marketing management for companies of all sizes.

I currently work with Marketing CoPilot, a digital marketing agency in Toronto, and may be available for freelance or consulting work depending on the project.

My Portfolio


I hold a degree in Engineering Physics, and have a deep interest in emerging technologies and architecture. Sometimes I write about those topics.

Things I care most about include renewable energy, sustainable food production, clean water technologies... the basics.

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I believe that traditional games (i.e board games, card games, and roleplaying games), are an important source of fun, community, and skill development.

Particular areas of interest for me are strategic games, roleplaying games, and educational simulations.

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