Who am I? What do I do?

Professionally, I am a marketer, educator, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. On a more personal level, I am a goofy guy who is happiest when living on my own terms and exploring esoteric or controversial subjects.

What do I think about?

I believe that the information we encounter and process throughout our lives is largely responsible for the people we become. As a result, I am fascinated by things like marketing, education, storytelling, the spreading of ideas, and epistemology (a fancy word for the philosophy of knowledge).

In many ways, knowledge transfer is my life’s work:
  • I am a marketing consultant with experience in setting up marketing programs from scratch;
  • My spare time is spent studying the impact of experiential learning programs on students;
  • As an former student leader, I have been lucky enough to have many opportunities to speak and write about youth leadership.

Writing & Speaking

I just wrote a piece on the controversial appearance by Dr. Jordan Peterson at McMaster University. It can be found here.

Other things I’ve written and said have appeared in venues like…