• B2B marketer. Futurist. Rotarian. Writer. Speaker. Rogue scholar studying experiential education. Fierce believer in “skin-in-the-game” learning, particularly in undergraduate marketing programs.
  • Student leader. Entrepreneur. Marketing consultant.

Projects & Interests:

“Imago: Education in the 21st Century” – In a world where Google and Wikipedia can deliver the sum total of human knowledge to any individual that wants it, primary, secondary, and postsecondary schools are no longer gatekeepers of knowledge. If people can teach themselves almost anything on their own time, what role might the “next generation” of educational institutions play?

Open Letters & Essays – I like writing open letters for a couple of reasons. First; they are opportunities to reach decision-makers on issues I care about. Second; by their very nature, open letters introduce an additional level of accountability on the recipient. Third, by publicly putting my name behind the things I express, I expose myself to that same level of accountability – this keeps me sharp and requires me to continually evaluate and update my worldview.